Microsoft Word



  • Microsoft Word by Microsoft is a very powerful tool for writing and editing documents.

In definition “It is a Document and a word Processing Software”.

“It is useful for Reports, typing and storing letters, articles and anything that  consists mainly of words.

  • It comes with the Microsoft Office Package and It works great with all Microsoft apps.
  • MS Word has become one great productivity tool
  • Very comfortable UI, where lots of basic features such as adding Tables, Pictures, SmartArt, Charts, Screenshots, Comments, Links, Video, Equations, Symbols, text boxes, themes, page borders, page colours, fonts, watermarks, alignment and formatting options,

and lots more…

  • Simpler Sharing, Work together with your colleagues in real time | collaboration, Stylus support, etc.
  • Smart Lookup, Spelling and Grammar, Word Count, Translate options
  • Reading Layout, Print Layout, Web Layout, Outline view, Zoom, Multiple Page view
  • Rich Templates to search online, can edit PDFs, MS Word Online etc.


All these features are more than sufficient for a normal user.

And people are enjoying using MS Word.






Empowering People

In what all devices MS Word can be used?

MS Word works on Windows, Android and IOS platforms, and its supporting devices.


How many users use MS Word?

More than 1.2 Billion users use MS Office


Now there are Android users building up!!

MS Word on Google Play Store > up to 100,000,000 installs


Who Uses MS Word?

  • The standard office | employees, and all stakeholders.
  • In educational environments | students, teachers and administrators
  • In retail establishments | employees capture and analyse sales and inventory data.
  • In Banks, hospitals, Transport, any Industry | use it for daily documentation

And the list of various work environments goes on…

“MS Word has created an impact on professionals and it has helped lots of people in improving their personal and work life.


So where can you learn Microsoft Word?

Here are some sites where you can learn MS Word,

You can Bing for more results!




1981- Bill Gates and Paul Allen hired Charles Simonyi & Richard Brodie who were the developers of MS word (They were the developers of the first WYSIWYG word processor called Bravo by Xerox).

1983- MSWord first release (October 25,1983) this was for the DOS

1985- MSWord was released for Mac | Version: 1.0

1989- MSWord was released for Windows | Version: 1.0


  • Microsoft Office was first announced by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988; The first version of Office had Word, Excel, PowerPoint. In 2016 in addition to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, MS Office has OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Project, Sway, Visio, SharePoint, Skype, OneDrive.
  • Versions go from 1.0,2.0, …,12.0 | SKIPPED 13.0 | and from 14.0, …,16.0
  • Cloud Computing in MS Word began with Microsoft Word 15.0 or Microsoft word 2013
  • Current Version of MS Word is 16.0 (or) Microsoft Word 2016
  • The Stable Release for MS Word
  • Windows | Word 2016 – 16.0.4266.1003 [on] 22 September 2015
  • Mac | Word 2016 – 15.22.0 on [10] May 2016

Article by: Techgeek Kamalesh


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