What we learnt from our teachers

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A warm afternoon to one and all present here.

Our journey in cse department was awesome.

On behalf of Final CSE, I am here to share a few moments of our journey in srec.

Computer is ready to boot.

The CPU has been our principal and the management who always are thinking about the welfare of the college and how to improve every stakeholder.

Hardware in srec represents the building, classrooms, labs, etc.
They were quite comfortable, decent and we hardly had no issues with the facilities provided to us.

Now, here comes the interesting part
Software, which represents our Teachers and students.

So, let us talk about our teachers,
We all know databases and data warehouses right;
– It’s just a large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources within an organization and used to guide management decisions.
Well teachers are our Data Warehouses.

They also act as our desktop, where we have quick access all our important files in just a click.
Any time any help we have our teachers we could rely on.
Let us visit some folders and see key experiences we cse students had learned from our teachers.

1) Folder Motivation
– Teachers appreciate us for our work, they are kind and supportive.
– They give right opportunities to right people.
– They keep on telling us to have courage and self-confidence and that’s what is going to take us to the next level
– They taught us whatever we do it should be done with passion.
– They encouraged us to be creative at work and make innovations.
– Whenever things are not progressive they give us proper guidance to help improve in a few areas.

2) Folder Skills
– They are an example who showed us to be cool and handle complex tasks with patience
– They taught us how to be good at Team works and networking skills.
– They taught us management and leadership skills.
– Many workshops, seminars, competitions, etc. were really helpful for us to improve our knowledge skills.
– They helped us improve our presentation skills.

3) Folder Values
– They taught us not to waste time.
– They always remind us to be productive as we grow.
– They would suggest us to surround ourselves with the right circle of people.
– They remind us to be honest to ourselves.
– Apart from studies they suggest us to read personal books on success, positivity, puzzles and more stuff, they even tell us about some great people who we can get inspired from.
– We learnt work ethics, dedication and moral values from teachers.

4) Folder Fun
– Classes were fun, we enjoyed learning new concepts every day.
– We enjoyed doing team assignments and projects
– We play a few interpersonal skill games

This is what we have learnt from our mentors and this is how we also should be as we are graduates now.
RAM – is a very important factor when considered in performance of a computer
Yes, now I would like to share a few points about our Placement cell.
All staffs in the placement cell
 Always encouraged us to be more, do more.
 They helped us in pushing our limits beyond the boundary.
 They had conducted many skill tests, mock interviews and more tests of that kind and with intensive training schedule which included collaboration of TIME, FACE institutes to shape us for attending the placement drives without fear and power packed confidence.

On behalf of all students of cse, we thank the placement cell for helping us choose our career.

ROM – memory when needed
Yes, we are talking about the library.
I would also like to thank all staff in the library who would always provide us with rich content – latest books, magazines and news to help us enrich our general knowledge.
Our library also has great books to improve self-skills.
Great authors like – Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, Brian Tracy, Shiv khera, etc.
And books based on life of Gandhi, APJ kalam sir, Bill Gates, And more.
Digital Library provided us lot of research oriented technical and video content on subjects.

Well these are all key tracks in our journey.

Now to talk generally about people,
I have a few quotes that I most trust in,

1) In life, you will meet two types of people, ONE will build you up, and the OTHER will tear you down. In the end, you will thank them both.
2) Wrong Connections will give you shock in life
Right Connections will light up your life.
Now Computer is preparing to shut down:
All these experiences put together transformed me into Techgeek kamalesh. Founder of Value added tech.
With the support of everyone I will continue to spread my motivation to all people around and lets all join hands together to make our country a better place.

I once again convey my thanks to all my teachers, friends, family and my beloved nature for making me a better person in college.

“Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself
“Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.
I wish you all great success in life.
Thank you and have a nice evening.


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