7 Facts that might help you lead a better life

7 Facts that might help you lead a better life

today is my birthday and i am turning 21,
on this special day
i would like to share with you 7 facts that will help you lead a better life


1) Learn principles|attitude from your role models
if you find them practical in your life,
do implement and feel the positive change.
/ learn the right attitude from your role models.
for example i am inspired by people like
Steve jobs, Warren Buffet, APJ abdul kalam, Mother teresa and many more
people of this kind it makes me get motivated in the right direction.

these kind of quotes from my role models inspire me the most
even at times when i am down.



2) Love your time,
even if it is while watching a movie for 2 hours
even if it is while reading a book or a newspaper for a long time.
Enjoy every moment.
Love your industry
be it you are a Computer science/IT engineer,
be it you are a mechanical/civil/electrical engineer
be it you are a doctor/worker any field you are in love your job.


3) Track yourself daily, weekly or monthly
try and be a better person compared to your past
by doing so you will find satisfaction within.

/ from the olden days till now the best productive method is
” pen and paper” method.
write down your tasks, goals, achievements.


4) Know what your strengths are and sharpen those skills
be it, you are strong at playing chess
be it, you are strong at solving maths problems
be it, you are strong at communication skills and networking.
it is worth it knowing what you are strong at,
it will help you move forward in your surroundings.

5) Have a vision for your life and make your life matter.
be it, you want to be software developer
be it, you want to become a sports person
be it, you want to become a pilot
spend sometime for yourself everyday
to improve yourself,
to learn new things,
to be happy, hear music and relax
to set your short term and long term dreams.
so dont forget to make time for yourself.
there is a also a study saying that,
people who have value and purpose in life tend to be more productive.


6) Dont ever be afraid to say “no” to distractions and negative things in life
Dont feel shy to stand up for good things in front of a crowd
people might not accept you now but
maybe in future they will understand your perspective

/ most great people always say
“never be afraid of failure”



7) the last fact i call it “Have 5”

– Know the 5 highest priorities of your life
be it to become a rich man, be it to help people, be it to be a happy person
set your most important 5 priorities

– Know your top 5 values
lets say, being kind, sharing values and facts with friends, being honest, or spend time with family
its always good to know your 5 principles in life

– Have 5 great friends
share your journey with them,
explore nature and adventures with them,
do projects as a team that would help people’s lives.
life will be more fun with people around and having quality time with your friends
the feeling that you can trust a person at all times is the biggest gift.




you can find the video at 7 strategies


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