Lava Twinpad 2016 with Active stylus unboxing

The Lava Twin-pad 2016 with Active Stylus version Unboxing and first impressions

Quick Specks :

Win 10|10.1 inch screen|Intel Atom Quad core processor with speed upto 1.83Ghz
Intel HD graphics|2GB RAM|32GB ROM-21.5GB user available+Expandable sd card upto 64GB
2MP front and rear camera|Sim card support for 3G data| 7400 mAh battery

more details and specs can be found in the lava official website
please refer :

My Thoughts:

1- build quality is very premium
it was like a combination of mini versions of
Apple mac book(metal body feel) + Microsoft Surface(latest windows software+stylus support)

2- the stylus experience was really awesome for beginners like me and it gets the job done well

3- am very happy with its performance and this could be used as a primary productive device on the go
i- browsing and reading is very comfortable indoor| can use full functionality of Edge browser
ii- Microsoft apps – Word, Power-point, Excel, One-note, Skype
iii- works well with all applications that are compatible with 2GB RAM
iv- apps installed via Microsoft windows store works well
v- paint, other editing apps and handwriting|note taking|drawing apps works awesome with stylus

4- Can connect it to wired and wireless input devices (external mouse,keyboard etc.)

5- I checked the compatibility with 1TB and 2TB external harddisks and it works just as a normal PC
also expandable storage upto 64GB works *tested with the 16GB sd card

6- this twinpad competes with
Asus,Acer,HP,Chromebooks,Lenovo laptopsa at this price point – under 20k
budget windows 10 laptops and tablets
performs decent compared to all these laptops.

7- On first boot battery lasted for roughy around 7-8 hours / it is better than my laptop which manages upto 5hrs

/I would recommend this device for users thrivinng for productivity in terms of browsing and document editing
/can be used for educational purposes – taking notes,etc.
/ if you need more cloud storage get at segate 2TB backup plus slim nad get 200 GB of one drive
check my unboxing video at


# wasnt very comfortable to use because the twinpad feels quite heavy
# average speakers not expected sound quality
# too many patches of fingerprints can be found, so will have to clean everyday
# not a high end camera, but its decent for use
# multi tasking upto max. 2-3 applications will run smooth
# have to handle with care when using it with the keyboard and especially with the upper part
have to remove and attach the twinpad with the keyboard as instructed and careful while using with various angles
# doesnt suppot Full HD res, only HD*720p is max


1- without stylus 15,999 Rs
2- with stylus 16,999 Rs

greetings 🙂 “Lava Twinpad 2016 with stylus”
Check out the unboxing and first impressions at lava-twinpad


Inside the box:
– Lava twinpad/ comes with a free screeen protector
– free pouch / leather style
– keyboard / metallic and premium
– usb and charger
– active stylus
– warranty and quick start guide



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