Amkette evo gamepad pro and ANT VR unboxing

after purchasing the lenevo k4 note
it would be awesome to buy
a gamepad/controller for it
and also an ANT VR headset !!

this is the unboxing of the indian version of
Amkette evo pro gamepad (2799 Rs)
ANT VR (1299 Rs) ,
#accesories for Lenevo k4 note !

both purchased on Amazon

Amkette gamepad was sold directly from the amkette shop
ANT vr was sold by cloudtail

The delivery and package was decent and as said.

overall both were good products worth the price
is a must for media lovers and gamers 🙂


watch the full video unboxing @ > amkette evo pro & ANT VR

The ANT VR is the best for this feature of the k4 note 🙂



Amkette game controller




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