New trend thoughts for youngsters [ Indian version ]

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My perspective:

  • Have a good Attitude and a positive approach towards life | Be optimistic.
  • | Attitude decides the kind of a person who you really are.
  • Read Newspapers | Magazines and Don’t hesitate to Google stuff,
  • use the internet to the maximum of your potential to have fun and also learn new things that are relevant to your requirements, interests and current trends.
  • Make good use of Technology and smartphone applications that helps to improve yourself and your daily life.

/* There are a lot of websites and applications for Education, News, Productivity, etc. */

  • Be very strong at your Favorites | Hobbies. Be the best at it in the crowd.

Take one or two things you love to do the most, and be very strong at it,

|be it sports, programming, writing, organizing etc.

Think on what makes you unique from the crowd.

Plan your activities & keep track of your goals and achievements.

  • Be competitive in your skill >-globally-< and don’t let yourself down by comparing with others

| Don’t care whether you are an IIT, or a non IIT. Be the best at your skill.

  • Have a few role models of your thoughts,

| be motivated and inspired & |-be the change the world wants to see.

  • Develop your own projects.

projects are where you can bring ideas into action,

put all of your existing knowledge and skills into it to produce something new the world wants to see.

  • It improves your problem solving & decision making skills

“When ideas are into action, it is innovation and it unleashes your creativity”

  • Help your surroundings, help the needy it improves your soul.

| Have a social responsibility too.

! – Maintain a blog express yourself and have good social networking.

  • Share and spread your knowledge to your friends and people around. Make your friends do the right thing by making them aware of what is really important that could improve their lives too.

Have good friends and Teamwork is the key to major success.


  • Knowledge about whatever subject in your field of study – The Basics
    • Don’t forget to enjoy what you learn. Do it with interest.

  • A decent or a good academic Score.
    • Be it a small test or a medium internal to a big exam, Don’t just leave it careless, give it your best shot.
    • You could find this annoying but believe me this has some value in near future.
      • For example, eligibility for placements | higher studies, the school and college grades are important for application and further process.

  • Learn these skills | Keep practicing
    • Aptitude & Quantitative ability
    • Logical reasoning
    • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning
    • Good Communication, reading, writing and public speaking skills.
  • /* just type in these keywords in the internet and you will find a lot of resources, make sure you follow the content you are comfortable with. */
  • Solve puzzles and riddles you come across in newspapers.

  • Be punctual, Dress confident, take care of your health and
  • Pick and Learn some interesting courses nearby locality or online

|> courses of your interests e.g. Courses like Java, Photoshop, etc.

/* either, paid in a well-known institution or by self and have certificates of the courses you did.


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  1. Speech file .

    -attitude is nothing but the way we behave
    is very important because determines ourself
    it also shows how our thinking process is.

    -Its always good to have postive approach to situations

    -Info about day to day life can be really useful
    for example you are a lover of technology its always good to
    know updates about it.

    – make good use of google,youtube to learn stuff
    be it programming, engineering, science, technology
    there are a lot of resourses on net to be utilised
    for education and productivity purposes.

    – Lets just not have hobbies
    lets say my hobby is to play chess
    it is our responsibility to be strong at our likes
    so its like i dont have a hobby as just as pass time but
    actually i am good at it in a crowd

    – no matter the location or board
    whether you are a student from coimbatore or chennai or delhi
    whether you are a state board/cbse/icse/iit or non iit
    it just doesnt matter
    the only thing you should bother about is how competitve you are
    in your skills/talent globally.
    are you strong enough to represent your skills in front of the the world
    well this is true sportsmenship !

    for example C programming is a programming language,
    this is taught to students all over the world for all age categories
    so just dont bother about what kind of person you are or where you live
    learn the skill with passion and dedication and challenge the world
    and stand up for what you are skilled at.

    – i get inspiration from great people like
    abdul kalam, founders of google,microsoft,facebook, people like robin sharma
    they are my role models. Having role model can totally gear you up
    everyday when you wake up u aspire to be like them
    and one fine day you will be your best version.

    – implement your skills and knowledge by innovating a real world scenario
    show the world what you can do to make it a better place
    do projects on your own either single or with a group of friends

    – Dont just leave our indian poverty aside
    stand up for eliminating poverty around your locality
    stand up for quality education too.
    also help in educating children. “today’s kids are tomorrow’s nation.

    – be expressive, share your thoughts, ideas through
    facebook or by creating your own blog.

    #create a good resume and maintain your profile

    these are my views on how a student should prepare and invest in themselves
    for a better future.


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