Myfirstyoutube video

I wish you all a very happy new year 2016.
I really hope this year is going to be exciting to all of us.

this video is about 3 tips i learnt in my life’s journey that could make sense for a few people.

#1 – No matter what ” Follow your dreams

-this life is your opportunity to do what you love

  • no one else can live your life, do not ignore your dreams.

#2Believe in yourself

  • Do not worry what others think about you, but be very careful that you do not hurt others.
  • Be happy, positive, and healthy.

#3Be Passionate on whatever your likes are

  • be it sports, academics, reading, writing, dance and music, programming, anything …. and do spend sometime on it everyday.
    This improves self productivity.
    @spend your 1st 60 mins of the day useful

check out the full video @



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